DARKFIN Webbed Gloves – Kayaking Paddling Scuba Free Diving Surfing Snorkling


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One Pair of DARKFIN Webbed Gloves
new in their original packaging

Men’s X-Large (8″ length/3-3/4″ width)
Men’s XX-Large (8″ length/4″ width)


Measure length from the tip of the middle finger to the crease in the wrist on the palm side of the hand
Measure width of hand across palm just below fingers


Darkfin Gloves’ superior materials and unique natural design make them the best webbed glove in the world.  Darkfin has developed a proprietary rubber dipping process, and combined it with over 20 years of studying a variety of water sports and marine life propulsion.  The result is the world’s first and only practical webbed glove suitable for use in all categories of water sports where the hands create resistance for the purpose of propulsion.  With Darkfin Gloves, surfers can catch every wave, scuba divers improve surge control and increase underwater speed, skydivers enhance air maneuvers and swimmers increase resistance control and improve upper body strength.  There is no limit to how far your Darkfin Gloves will take you!




What makes Darkfin Gloves the BEST:

  • DURABLE LATEX RUBBER – So tough, that with a little care they might outlast your wet suit!
  • SEAMLESS – No stitching to come out, no strap to come off
  • REAR WEB DESIGN – Pockets more water and leaves fingers free to use; increases surface area by 70%
  • UNMATCHED DEXTERITY – The only thing better is your bare hands!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Rubber does not absorb water and become heavy like other glove materials
  • FLEXIBILITY – You can handle the smallest items
  • SUPERIOR GRIP – No-slip surface
  • COUNTOURED FIT – Keeps your hands in a relaxed, comfortable position


Made in the USA



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