Folbot (foldboat) kayak, 16′ Greenland, 2-person, aluminum frame, near perfect


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The boat was bought new around 1999. Used only 5-10 times, it is in nearly flawless condition: no rips, no patches, no holes, no leaks, no dented or bent frame pieces. Every item is here and all parts fit snugly. Everything works exactly as designed. Sturdy, it will hold up for many hundreds of miles on lakes, rivers, bays and inland waterways. (Not advisable for use in rough seas, surf or on white-water rivers.) Whether you wish to make a multi-day trip through the San Juans or poke around the estuaries along the lower Columbia River, whether you want to explore a lake or even paddle to Alaska, the Folbot can carry you, your gear and your food. And it will keep everything dry.

Assembly takes about 1/2 hours once practiced. Disassembly takes 20 minutes.
The entire 16 feet of boat folds into two bags, each weighing about 35-40 pounds. Bag dimensions are 5’x1’x1′ and 2.5’x2.5’x1′.
Original assembly instructions plus the Folbot warranty are included.


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