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Featuring M.I.T., Membrane Inflatable Technology, the Mustang Survival MD2010 is lighter, simpler and all around better than other PFDs.  M.I.T. is the next generation of inflatable PFD technology.  Made from stretch fabrics derived from the medical industry, M.I.T. PFDs use less fabric, offering less weight and a far more flexible fit.

  • 22 lb. buoyancy
  • More flexible fit
  • Lighter weight components
  • Reduced chafing and fatigue
  • 1 fold, easy design
  • Simple to inspect and maintain
  • USCG approved – UL1180 – Inflatable PFDs 160.076 – Type V with Type III Performance (Approved only when worn)

There was a factory recall for this vest, and per Mustang, it must have the new ‘MIT’ stamp on it. Ours have been purchased since the recall and has the stamp…see the 2nd picture. The 3rd picture is from Mustang showing that the stamp must be in place…ours does comply.

Larger quantities available, please contact us.

Note the following from Mustang Survival:

MUSTANG SURVIVAL ISSUES VOLUNTARY RECALL NOTICE ON MD2010 & MD2012 model 22LB Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices

In keeping with Mustang Survival’s commitment to the highest levels of product quality and safety, we are voluntarily recalling all model number MD2010 and MD2012 inflatable Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) sold in the United States during 2011. To determine if you are impacted by this recall please reference the images below:


Image 1) Any inflatable product with multiple white sewn on safety labels on the back is OK and is not affected by this recall
Image 2) If your inflatable does not have white sewn on safety labels, please check for model number MD2010 or MD2012 on the back of the PFD then refer to Image 3.
Image 3) MD2010 models with an “MIT” (Membrane Inflatable Technology) stamp (in black or color) above the CO2 cylinder is OK.  

Any MD2010 missing the “MIT” stamp should be returned to Mustang

This recall is being issued for the inspection and repair of an inflator installation inconsistency that may prevent some units from fully inflating.  Mustang Survival has developed a solution that corrects any affected product and prevents re-occurrence of this issue.  The inspection and repair can only be performed at a Mustang Survival factory.

This recall notification is for only the MD2010 and MD2012 22LB buoyancy inflatable PFDs.  No other Mustang Survival products are affected as they utilize different inflator mechanisms.  

All MD2010 PFD’s without the stamped MIT logo as shown in Image 3 (above) should be returned to Mustang Survival for inspection.  All other Mustang PFD’s are okay for use.


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