[Super Paddle] Blow S / 9’2″ * 30″ / Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board / SUP


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                [Super Paddle] Blow S 9’2″ * 30″  Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Our Philosophy

Stand-up Paddle Board(SUP) has more meaning than a simple sport. It is a tool to communicate with the nature, and another form of loving the nature. Super paddle loves the nature as itself and the SUP.


It is the name of the Inflatable boards. The alphabet at the end of the name tells the identity of the board. For instance, Blow A is a all-round board, and Blow-R is a racing board. Blow S is a surfing board. Blow TWO is a board for two (two People), and Blow Big is a large board for 4~6 people.

BLOW S 9’2″ * 30″

9’2″ x 30″ Blow S is a surfing board. Because the outline is the most similar to the actual surfing board, it is recommended to people enjoying paddle surfing. Because the buoyancy is great, balancing is not difficult to those used to the paddle board. They are highly recommended to those enjoying paddle surfing.

The soft fin system plays a core role in enhancing the endurance of the board. If the general fin systems are often damaged through the rough activities of the paddlers of the surfers, the soft fin of the Blow is rarely damaged. This is another reason that the Blow series are the best for clubs.

Air pressure could be filled fast and quickly through the Double Action HP pump. A minimum of 15psi must be filled, and the recommended air pressure is 17~22psi. If you would like better performance or have a heavy paddler, a minimum of 20psi is recommended.

  • Length: 9’2″/279.4cm
  • Width: 30″/76.2cm
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Volume: 160L
  • Rider Weight: up to 90 kg



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