Waterproof Dry Bags For Kayaking, Camping, Boating & Hunting! Many Uses – (New)


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Adventure Lion Premium Series Waterproof Dry Bags For Kayaking, Camping, Boating 5 LITER

  • OUR ESSENTIAL 5L SIZE – At 5 Liters, these Dry Sacks are the perfect size to keep your essential gear safe and dry. This mini Dry Bag will hold phones, wallets, and small towels for 2-3 people, or a light set of gear and clothes for 1.
  • WATERPROOF GUARANTEE – These Dry Bags are heavy duty and the toughest dry compression sack on the market. Crafted with a solid roll top closure from state of the art materials, they stay soft and flexible even in the coldest weather. With years of proven reliability, Adventure Lion Dry Bags offer toughness plus comfort. Never lose track of your gear: These bags can float!
  • REMOVABLE AND ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL STRAP – Your 5L River Lion compression Dry Sack comes with an XL shoulder sling for easy carry and transport. Stash it on your bike or tuck it under your shoulder, these small Dry Bags go anywhere!
  • BUNDLE AND SAVE – Discounts When You Order TWO or MORE Adventure Lion Dry Bags TODAY – Get The Full Set Of 4 For 15% Off! See Our Promotions Below And Click “Add to Cart” To Purchase Your Brand New Adventure Bags NOW!
  • RISK FREE ADVENTURES – All of our Dry Bags feature a hassle free Lifetime Warranty. Our customer service team is ready to assist immediately via Amazon, email, or 24/7 phone support. Please note: if you plan on using this as a cellphone or iPhone waterproof case, waterproof camera bag, or waterproof bag for electronics, we recommend using another layer of protection for added security against damage and impacts

Product Description

The BEST Dry Bags on Amazon, And Here’s Why

Adventure Lion Dry Bags are a proven solution to keeping your most important gear dry. That’s why we’ve offered our Lifetime Warranty for years. With four versatile sizes designed, tested, and serviced in the USA, we offer the quality and consistency other waterproof gear sellers cannot.

The Science

-Our dry bags are made of the finest material available: Pure Grade Y7 .5mm thick 500D (Denier Density) WATERPROOF Polymer. Adventure Lion Dry Sacks WILL last a lifetime. This material is tough enough to resist all sorts of abuse. Our formulation maintains its flexibility and soft texture without sacrificing strength. Even on a frigid day, our dry bags stay pliable.

-High frequency bonding technology ensures flawless waterproof construction, welding, and watertight seals. Reinforced construction at all stress points.

-A reinforced–not skeletonized–quick release polymer buckle. Extra long, quick-detach adjustable shoulder straps for any carry style.

Science Is Fun: Discover endless dry bag life-hacks.

-Seal drinks and ice in a dry bag. You’ve got a temporary portable cooler. Toss it in the water. You’ve got a floating cooler. Cold water? Permanent floating cooler. Fasten it to your kayak or belt for a hands free experience.

-Fill dry bags up with water. You’ve got travelling makeshift weights in graduated sizes. Use volume conversions to track performance.

IMPORTANT: To ensure a waterproof seal, be sure to roll the top a minimum of 3-4 times, and securely close the buckle.

Adventure Lion supports our environment and exceeds international standards. Our mission is to offer the BEST products, quality control, and customer service at a fair price.

If it sealed correctly, I’d say it could stay underwater a very long time. I love mine, it’s never failed me. 
By Malcolm S. Howard on May 21, 2015

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Good Day Suzie! I will be happy to give you the dimensions of this bag. 
When open and laid out flat, the bag is about 19 Inches tall and 12 Inches wide. 
When filled with your belongings, the bag takes a cylinder shape. The circular shape of the bottom of the bag is 8 Inches by 8 Inches. The bag holds 10 Liters of v… see more 

By Adventure Lion SELLER  on May 10, 2014
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This is my first dry bag. I think it’s constructed very well. Sturdy strap and all seams appear to be welded water tight. No problems with bag , so far. 
By Brennan Funk on November 6, 2015

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By Ronda Orozco on November 11, 2014


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